Fisher Banquet Hall

Time Robertson Auditorium
Fisher Banquet Hall
9:00 am

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks

9:05 am

10 Things To Make Your Site Faster

Chris Coyier

Automatic Customers: How to Design User Habits

Nir Eyal

9:20 am

High-Performance WordPress

Iliya Polihronov

Hidden Gems: Little Known Facts About Publishing with WordPress

Sheri Bigelow

9:40 am


10:00 am

Measure all the things! Automate performance optimization!

Ilya Grigorik

bbPress: What’s all the buzz about?

John James Jacoby

10:20 am

Foundations of Fast Plugins

Kurt Payne

The State of BuddyPress

Paul Gibbs

10:40 am


11:00 am

State of the Word

Matt Mullenweg

12:00 pm


1:30 pm

Mistakes I made using jQuery, and how to avoid them

Andy Peatling

Custom Post Type Relationships: Subordinate Post Types

Randy Hoyt

1:50 pm

Securing Cookie-Authenticated JSON APIs

Michael Adams

Extendable Extensions

Michael Fields

2:10 pm


2:30 pm

The State of Mobile

Isaac Keyet

Zen of WP development

Daniel Bachhuber

2:50 pm

The State of Themes

Ryan Imel

Building a Brave New Web

James Pearce

3:10 pm


3:30 pm

The Business of Code

Adii Pienaar

Getting Involved – Log On, Jump In, Hang Out

Mika Epstein

3:50 pm

How NOT to design a default theme

Drew Strojny

Do WordPressers Have Freedom of Speech?

Trevor Timm

4:10 pm


4:20 pm

Selected Pieces from “Elements of Style” Translated to Code

Nikolay Bachiyski

Dude, We Are That Frog: The Story of Grist and WordPress

Matt Perry

4:40 pm

Designing for the Modern Web

Sara Cannon

happytables: Lessons learned creating a WordPress Solution for Restaurants

Noel Tock

5:00 pm


5:20 pm

Building an Audience as a Writer

Leo Babauta

How we built and grew the Hello Bar web application using WordPress

Chuck Longanecker

5:40 pm

How to run a small country using the P2 Theme

Pete Davies

All-You-Can-Eat Content-Types Buffet

Scott Kingsley Clark

6:00 pm

Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks