Wordnik to sponsor WordCamp San Francisco, 2012

We can’t be more pleased to announce that Wordnik is a “Powell Street” level sponsor of WordCamp San Francisco, 2012.

Wordnik.com is an incredible online language resource that aims to transform the way people relate to meaning, by giving visitors a 360-degree view of what a word does. Search a word in Wordnik and you’ll get much more than a dictionary definition and a thesaurus entry. Wordnik places the word in context for you, with sample uses found in texts, images that help define the word, related words, pronunciations, and more. For example, did you know that noodling is the practice or sport of fishing for catfish with your bare hands? Wow! Wordnik.com is a word-lover’s dream!

What’s more, the Related Content plugin by Wordnik constantly scans your blog, learns what it’s about, and dynamically displays the best related posts to your site visitors. Nifty!

To learn more or sign up, visit Wordnik.com.